Recommends the ARAID 3500 for its Simplicity, Performance and Utility.

Accordance Systems receives an exceptional product review for its ARAID hard drive data protection.

Des Moines, IA - March 29, 2011– The CRN Test Center conducted an in-depth review of Accordance Systems ARAID 3500 SATA hard disk RAID controller and recommended its use for computer continuity and data protection. ( The lab installed the ARAID in just minutes creating a RAID 1 array with copies of hard drive data on two SATA hard drives. A computer running with the ARAID 3500 loses data in the event of a hard drive crash.

“This is a great product review by CRN Labs and confirms how easy it is to install and protect computer data with theAccordance ARAID 3500 ,” says Steve Johnson, president of Accordance USA. “6% of hard drives fail per year but ARAID customers never have system down time due to drive failure”

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Internal desktop PC RAID storage subsystem preventing data loss from a hard drive crash